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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

Somehow, the hope is that you already know enough about the world, about yourself and about the Work - enough, so to speak, that you can position yourself. 
I ’wants’, the World ’wants’, and the Work ’wants’! How will you relate to all that?
Sometimes you have a clearer picture, sometimes less, sometimes not at all. It definitely comes down to ’evaluation’. Make your fullest possible evaluation, set an aim within it, and try to live up to it. If you can, get up every morning, get yourself totally relaxed and check whether you want to up-date your picture. 
But don’t work in a ’catch-as-catch-can’ environment!
If you make an evaluation and act accordingly, the results will allow you to correct any misconceptions. But at least know what your ’conceptions’ are! Don’t start the day in a vacuum.

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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

The difficulty in making an evaluation, is that you have to do it from who you are, and what you have - you can’t do it with anybody else’s data, or ’being’! There could be the fear of pain in it - the pain of ’not knowing’. We don’t like the idea of pain, but in that pain, is the truth, and its energy is vital!

If you’re lucky, there will also be ’humiliation’ in it! But you must ask: ’who do I think I am, what do I think I’m doing, and what is going on?’ This is somewhat over simplifying the issue, but I assure you, it’s not a parlour game!

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