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'Heaven' is always potentially available, Now. People think Heaven is only after, in the 'World to Come' . But what is 'to come' can come now. It's a mistake to wait until the body drops - big mistake.
If you can feel the pain to the end, actually have gone through it, then you're in another place. That place called 'Heaven'. You cross the line of the 'false', the temporary. Explanations are within illusion. Words are too thin, too small, too linear. You can't capture REALITY in words. If you could the whole world would have been enlightened thousands of years ago. It's been as if explained, without end. Behind the pain, beyond the 'false', is the Great Beyond - the World to Come.

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When you're in FULL SELF-REMEMBERING, you're in the 'Kingdom of Heaven'. Well, I mean, that sounds so very nice, and almost true. But you don't quite feel it yet, and you don't find that particularly elevating just in words.
When you're out of fear, you've just cleared out the space where Heaven is, where Love is, where Truth is, where Now is. You still exist, but in quite a different way. There you really ARE. That's where the 'I AM that I AM' is. Hardly any likelihood of maintaining a 'reputation' there that means anything in particular. But the truth is the truth, regardless of who sees what.

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Behind the cluttered mind is a place, a space, of perfect calm, of perfect peace. It's the place some call heaven. It's the place some call communion. It's a place, it's a reality, it's a prerequisite for sanity! Without locating and establishing oneself in that place, all thought and imagination eventually turn to confusion and/or hysteria and/or violence and/or depression and/or introverted or extroverted madness and/or senility.

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