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'Might makes right' and 'You cannot argue with success'. This is the wisdom that rules the world. That's the 'New World Order' that America has announced, finally enunciated. Pollution, starvation, deforestation, media mania, mass educational debilitation, are for the most part unavoidable by-products. More is better, it's the only way we know. More of anything. For ME! It seems nothing else 'works'. It's true that we are choking on the garbage, on our left-overs, but what's the choice?

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The Church of Wall Street! Give the people of the world one pattern, one goal, one reason to live - hope in a 'rising standard of living'. This New World Order, along with high-tech surveillance and identification techniques, would represent the ultimate in regimentation. For an individual to survive this organized madness with its subtle lies and justifications they must understand (psychological) Time. Pictures get made through suggestion, imitation, media, propaganda, assumed moral authorities, cultural presumptions and all the rest. The Truth is deeply buried, and one’s clear consciousness and conscience along with it.