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People are far from clear as to what is good for themselves in the long run. So, how can they determine the effect of their 'good' in regard to others?
They are basically banking on some kind of credit. Good luck!

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taken from: End of Days

'Good deeds' force a person out of their usual patterns of, as if, 'self-interest', which are essentially based in fear and objective ignorance. Ignorance, in this most essential sense, is what is 'thought to be known'.
Good deeds, totally free of expectation, remove one from habitual patterns. With the support of positive emotions, replacing the usual fear and anxiety, one has the beginning development of a 'new mind', that in potential is infinitely expansive, objective and increasingly free from the prison of restrictive egoistic boundaries

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taken from: Perverse Criticism

“The Question of Good and Bad.” It’s the issue of the day! We’re living in a world that is poisoned with peoples’ subjective good and bad. And everyone is going around making judgments. That’s what we got used to, even though it drives us crazy. We’re continually looking over our shoulder for someone’s criticism or compliment!
With our usual thinking we can twist and turn in sixteen different ways, and still end off in a corner. What is needed is to open to Grace. And our ’good’ and ’bad’ are two steel doors blocking out Grace. Grace can’t get through our good and bad!

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taken from: Perverse Criticism

our ’good’ and ’bad’ are very subjective notions. And it’s not our ’bad’ that’s really the problem - it’s our ’good’! Because the moment you have a ’good’ - if something happens that isn’t ’like it’ then it’s ’bad’. Before you can have a sense of bad, you have to have a very fixed sense of good. Before you can know what ’should not be’, you’re quite convinced, whether you realize it or not, that you know what ’should be’. And maybe you’re even right as to what ’should be’ - but the big thing that you’ve neglected is the question of what ’could be’. What ’should be’ and what ’could be’ are not the same thing! Work has very much to do with knowing the possible from the impossible, under varying circumstances.
For the best understanding of ’good’ - the word ’useful’ should be employed. Good has to be connected to something - it has to have a context. The word ’good’ is too loose, too vague, too subjective. ’Useful’ can have a clear meaning - within a context!

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In 'my book' what is good is what is effective. It's not necessarily, or likely to be, 'appreciated'. It could be appreciated, but basically its only serious value is that it's effective - that is, it makes a difference that is more than just momentary. A real difference, and not merely some 'nice' thing that we or other people 'like'. We're not into compromise. This is one of the hardest things to understand. The Work is not an 'accommodation to life'. Heaven is NOT a rearrangement of hell - it's outof it!

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taken from: How to Get Out

So, what is this word 'good', what is it good for, just what is it connected with; is it temporary or lasting, who does it serve - who is it good for - or are we driving ourselves crazy with an impossible question?
Okay, so don't be 'good', be 'selfish'! But that is supposed to be good for you - no? So it seems we can't really get rid of that word so easily!
Good implies, first of all - not against anybody! The moment you are against anyone, for her or him or it you are bad, not good! If you feel ill will towards anyone, at one level or another they are aware of it and return the ill feeling. There is so much ill will around, both short and long term, that we become used to that atmosphere and are unable, for the most part, to distinguish its source.
A really selfish person, intelligent and conscious, will never risk any attitude other than sincere good will towards any man, situation or living reality.

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Many people half-consciously assume that if they do 'good' for their family, associates or some aspect of humanity, 'God', or people that they have demonstrated in front of will 're-pay' their efforts.

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taken from: How to Get Out

So let's say we're 'out' now - however temporarily. Out from our usual round of worries and considerations. We wish to collect ourselves, collect our energies and attention from this wonderful and relaxed place of good conscience, in order to ponder our next moves, our possible choices - not from fear, god forbid, as that would be our first indication that we have slipped back into that 'normal' place within us, that place of inevitable confusion. We shall ponder from that unfearful place of good conscience - the place that starts with no past and no future and only afterwards deals with the 'time imagination' from an other or 'out' vantage point.

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