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taken from: How to Get Out

Giving and taking are as two ends of the same stick, the stick itself being hollow allowing for the passage of good-s. In addition to the giving and taking that might occur between two people, for the transfer/trans-action to be possible the channel must be open and clear and that requires a certain skill on the part of both the giver and the taker. One must be able to take as well as be able to give. There is Ability involved, the channel must be opened. It can be assumed that what you are given is something that you cannot (at least at that moment) acquire by yourself. What you cannot acquire, you do not have, what you do not have you are not experiencing, what you are not experiencing will strike you as strange, as a shock, a shock is destabilizing and leaves one vulnerable, being vulnerable can be dangerous, danger is frightful. In order to take, there must be trust. Trust is the essential opening in the channel between the give and the take.

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taken from: Love/Pain

Trust is to the mind, what love is to the heart’!
Got it? I like the word trust. I trust the word ’trust’ more than I trust the word ’love’. I can’t imagine love without trust. 
The strange thing is that there is only one goddamn thing in this world that you can really trust - and that, first of all, you’ve got to find,inside yourself. Until then you’re really on totally shaky ground.

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