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The ‘notion’ of teacher is also a 
conceptual construct and consequently 
an unacceptable frame of reference, limited 
and fixed by some sort of explanation, which 
axiomatically ‘can never go through the door’. 

School yes, ‘teacher’ no.

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taken from: Danger!

Let it be Known and Acknowledged (for better or for worse), that you are in a ‘school’. Your personal preferences, likes and dislikes, and your personal ’holy’ standards, are of no account here. The principles are clearly laid out in all the relevant literature that you have been reading. They are not easily understood or applied. If you do not feel the potential for a personal benefit, you must stop fooling yourself and leave! Without appreciation for an opportunity, however difficult, you will never move from where you are. Complaint and expressed negativity are poison to your soul and surroundings and will not be tolerated.

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taken from: End of Days

The gap between people and their rightful place in the Whole Universe/God is maintained by distortions caused by lies. How to uncover the essential truths, and thus regain a connection with one’s rightful place, is without a doubt the magnificent challenge for the serious and intelligent person. Schools exist dedicated to this ultimate aim.

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Through Conscious Payment, in ‘sacrificing 
ones suffering’, rests the possibility of moving 
up the ladder of Universal Intelligence, thereby 
serving an agenda of growth, the same time as 
paying ones predestined obligation to the Higher.

There exists special knowledge, schools, 
evolved souls embodied or otherwise, that may assist 
this ascent for those rare few who demonstrate 
sufficient interest, capacity and effort.

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Actually, everything in life is a school. The small school being you, the big school is life. Everything in-between is school at one level or another – like it or not, acknowledge it or not. Everything that a person is involved in is like a CLASSROOM.

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The Small School is YOU. The Large School is the World. Everything in-between is School, at one level or another.
Your ideas about School are at best vague or a matter of hearsay. You must turn every life happening, take every life situation, as a LESSON, and thus deal with the WHOLE OF LIFE as the SCHOOL THAT IT IS.

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taken from: Respond Ability

There's the essential esoteric truth that REAL LEARNING is always relevant to time, place and company. The whole world is actually a School and Reality could be teaching us all the time, if we just knew how to PAY attention. You can learn anywhere, but it is most useful to have a consistent reminder that THAT IS THE ISSUE.

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