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taken from: Reason to Live

But it’s a very big question: is a human being worth anything, really? That’s really a question. Is he worth anything, or are we ’just here’? Because otherwise it’s just as much pleasure as possible and little pain as possible. That’s about it. That’s a life? What are we struggling for all the time, just to keep moving? Just to have a little bit less pain and a little bit more pleasure? For me the swing from the pleasure to the pain is not interesting anymore, not interesting.
You see, these questions about ’why’ and ’value’ have a particular urgency in the days we’re living in. They’re not new questions, these are what is called Existential Questions. They can be more or less conscious but they’re always there. Everyone justifies their life in some way. The mechanical forces in the world now are so strong and so supported by governments, industry, high-tech, media. The demonic, selfish, self-serving, self-stimulating! What Gurdjieff used to call: ’the evil god self-calming.’ It’s such a dynamic devil - squeezing the humanity out of humanity. Humanity is now so dry.

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