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Why don’t we find out what is important, and go to it? Do you think for instance, that if there was something reallyimportant - it would be a different thing for you, than for me?
That’s like a Zen Koan - worth pondering!

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taken from: Priorities

If you haven’t got a sense of what is important, how the hell can you be serious about anything? You can be stubborn - but you can’t be serious!
Is there anything important to you?
’Important’ is like, if you’ll excuse the expression, ’evaluation’. What’s important should talk to your mind, your heart, and your soul. If you can establish that, then you have a real ’Do’. From there you can sound a ’Re’ - make the appropriateeffort. Your ’Re’, your effort, cannot be more real than your ’Do’ .

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