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taken from: Reason to Live

Maybe begin to realize you can think, think this way, that way, twist and turn, but what can you really ’do’ - other than Remember Yourself? Be aware of incoming impressions, so you don’t get identified in a mechanical reaction, be present, act as best as you can, now. Because anything that’s ’after’ is little more than imagination. So, everything leads back to Work. The Work of presence. Because you can think, do anything you want, but if you’re in the middle of a dream and not rooted in conscience, in love, in presence, then there’s no common denominator, there’s no common line. And it’s unusual to sit with anybody that can hear what I just said, and say: ’yeah, that makes perfect sense!’

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taken from: End of Days

The last thing anyone will forgive you, is that you 'remember yourself'. The last thing your own subjective personality will allow, is that you remember your essential SELF. It is death to 'false personality'.

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Full self-remembering would be the equivalent of meditation and more. It’s more important, because in mechanical meditations, you’re ’avoiding’ thought, pushing thought away. In Self-Remembering you develop a separation between your ’Being’ - and whatever your thought, sensation or emotion might be! You don’t ’chop your head off’. Meditation exercises, in a way, is the equivalent of chopping your head off. You may open up a higher level of the mind but you fall back when you finish the exercise - back to the ’normal’ confusion.
Full Self-Remembering is another name for ’meditation’. It’s got meditation in it, and more. If you’re in a meditative place, you would be sensitive, first of all, to your body. This can happen in a mechanical meditation, especially with Zen, sitting in, usually, not such a comfortable position. You go through the pain. Sometimes people’s legs just freeze. But when the mind is not busy burning up all the energy, there’s enough left for simple awareness in the body. With attention in the body, you find that you go through the pain - until it’s forgotten, gone.

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It’s most useful to listen, if you can REMEMBER YOURSELF at the same time, if you can BE - if you can observe how things affect your mind, emotions and body. To be aware of whether you are IDENTIFIED - or OBSERVING. Then it would be good to listen to everything, to your sisters and everyone. The Work says, ”you can do anything you want, if you remember yourself”. Because, with every effort there, you strengthen the remembering. The remembering is the SHMA, actually. That remembering has to be there at the moment of death. If not, you go to ’hell’, or at least for a time to ’purgatory’. At death ALL IDENTIFICATIONS get RIPPED from you.

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All real Work demands observation, non-identification and re-membering. To slowly separate That which is Really You, from what you 'think' you are. To re-locate yourself, to go Home, to Remember Your Self. That is what Work is about.

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Why can’t we REMEMBER OURSELVES? Why can’t we just BE? They say it’s a ’dangerous world’, so we’re always fearful. No matter what you do, it’s all fearful. That’s true. You can’t avoid it. A million things you never even thought of could happen. We struggle with a person, we struggle with a thought, we struggle with this or that fear. Now it’s reached the point in this world, certainly in your own life, that there are so many things that are fearful, that when you start thinking of one, it connects with them all. You CAN’T ’think’ about them all.
Everything is so mixed up. What can you think of for more than a few seconds? Does this make any sense to you? Who can think straight for more than a moment? That’s a fact, one of many facts.
You’ve got something else to do: self-observation, non-identification, Self-remembering. THAT’S REAL! You’ve got to learn how. That’s an INNER EFFORT. If you start practicing that, YOU DON’T HAVE THE TIME FOR ALL THE REST. And it’s really not so dangerous. You can worry yourself sick, but that doesn’t make more money come in. When you’ve got good energy, you do something. When you don’t, you don’t.

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When you're in FULL SELF-REMEMBERING, you're in the 'Kingdom of Heaven'. Well, I mean, that sounds so very nice, and almost true. But you don't quite feel it yet, and you don't find that particularly elevating just in words.
When you're out of fear, you've just cleared out the space where Heaven is, where Love is, where Truth is, where Now is. You still exist, but in quite a different way. There you really ARE. That's where the 'I AM that I AM' is. Hardly any likelihood of maintaining a 'reputation' there that means anything in particular. But the truth is the truth, regardless of who sees what.

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taken from: Bionic-Man

People know they’re stuck. But in order to get un-stuck, you have to understand exactly what it is that you are stuck in! It’s within your own psychology, for sure - but it is also in your environment.
To gain a true perspective you must come out of your dream world. It has been suggested that you ’put your own picture together’. But, clarity can only develop on the foundation of self-remembering! Until you are ’in existence’, all the rest is just bla bla.

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Only Self-Remembering can build YOU. It doesn’t really matter what happens in your life. The harder the better. Because, everything that is difficult, requires a special effort. You get nothing real from your usual wants and your day to day bullshit, nothing that lasts. What you do get is so ’wishy washy’.


Be ready for death. It could come at any time. If you’re lucky it will be a little ways away, so you might have the time to build up some strength. THERE IS SOMETHING AFTER! When you die, you move into a new ’room’, into a new World. How are you going to do that successfully if you take every little sentimental stupid thing, fearfully – grasping, greedily, self pityingly?

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