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What becomes clear in these radical days, is that One thing is needed! Just One Rule: ’ACT ON BEHALF OF OTHERS.’ If you act - act on behalf of others!
But there are no ’others’. It’s all You, it’s all Us, it’s all God, it’s all One. Those are just words, but at more subtle energy levels, it’s a reality to be known! At the physical, sensual level it is not ’seen’ and so we have this gross sense of where and what we are. If that sensual part can relax and just vibrate in its correct band of energy, with earth, with air, with this level of reality, then more subtle aspects of our being can be realized.

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taken from: Do-ing

’Act on behalf of others’ is tricky - the Work is indirect. ’Second line of Work’ is work with others in the Work. But at the essential level, at the soul level, at the spirit level, it’s all One! There is no-one to work with but yourself!
If you live from essence, you become aware of ’something’ that most people are not seeing. You know the difference between your ’being’, on the one side, and everything else on the other. You can meet another human that is, say, acting from hysteria - but you know! You know your own ’false-selfs’, so you know that behind the false-self in everyone is that ’something’. To love it in another person, to see it, or to seek it out! When you find it, you realize that ’something’ is always the ’same-thing’. There is only One - that’s YOU in there!