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taken from: Wasting God's Time

‘All roads lead to Rome’ – but they pass through very different territory. Very complex and rough territory, corrupted and difficult territory, unique and subjective territory. Thus the challenge for an individual to find a True Path for himself that will lead to Rome, or Home, or Truth, or Peace, or Love, depending upon the individual’s inclination towards ‘labeling’. Religions call it a ‘Return’ (chozer). A return to Truth, to God – to Now!

taken from: 'Equal to Life'

’Equal To Life’ - what would it entail, now? Regardless of how much experience a person has, it doesn’t make a hell of a lot of difference anymore. Everyone must come to a radically new relationship to the world - the conventional ’juggling’ just won’t get anyone, anywhere, anymore!
The world that you perceive depends a lot on your experience, but even more on your ’level of being’! Your level is on the vertical line of the cross - the line of Eternity. Don’t forget!

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...this Life is a very short FEW DAYS. It is meant to be a growth transition to a higher and FINER World. The adjustment must take place HERE so that at Death (BIRTH) the psychological/electronic body, crystallized in its simplicity and disconnected from the false/temporoary, results in a SURVIVAL BEING in The World To Come.

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If you’re ’working’, what are you actually doing, why are you doing it, and what do you expect the result to be?
Knowledge? Okay, ’knowledge’. Then what’s this knowledge good for? Knowledge for what? Oh, you can say ’self knowledge’. Okay, self knowledge…you can juggle with a vocabulary very easily. What is the AIM, what is the purpose of the Work? What is the Work, other than your relationship to it? Did anyone ever think of that? The Work has its own aims. What would you say the aim of the Work is?
The issue of the Work is to allow the ’seed’, that YOU are, to grow, into a Survivable Being.
”Working for life and working for death is the same thing.”

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taken from: Suicide & After words

It’s explained in many of the traditions as to why is man so unique. Man can evolve! Animals always will be animals and angels will always be angels, but this body gives us an incredible opportunity to change our ‘level of being’. By its ability to refine energy! And the energy to be refined, is the energy of pain. Refining it through, what is called ‘Understanding’. We are sitting in the transforming machine.....

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taken from: How to Get Out

Yes, we have everything we need, we are born with it, but we do need to feed it in order that it might live and grow! We are GROWING BEINGS, physically and otherwise. The 'otherwise' is not at all a small consideration - it includes our emotions, our minds and what is loosely referred to as our Spiritual Reality - not small things. ALL these things live, can grow and must be FED, and all of this can only happen in the NOW.

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taken from: End of Days

We are Created Beings of Universal Intelligence/God, with a built-in capacity of consciously awaring this Fact, and co-operating with its aims.

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taken from: End of Days

NOBODY OWNS ANYONE. We are all children of the Universe, children of God. Real responsibility is to that very Source of our arising. The meaning and potential inherent in the human condition is by virtue of THAT which created us. Created Beings we are - subject to the laws of that creation - and we are not in debt to the fearful and distorted notions of the selfish and greedy, who claim our loyalty and obedience.

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taken from: Wasting God's Time

Why is it so obvious to certain people and not to others that we are created beings?
We are CREATED Beings !
It’s so obvious – we did not make ourselves! We don't know where we came from, and we don't know really what keeps us alive moment to moment. What we do know is that we didn't go into a factory and make ourselves – our incredible eyes, ears, digestive system, our minds, our emotions, our ability to breathe in the air and stand up straight, fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning, our love and our learning capacity. We haven't constructed those faculties ourselves.We are obviously created beings!

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taken from: Suicide & After words

Don’t hold onto thoughts, don’t get too fixed on something. If you do, you miss the next thing, which is reality - and it’schanging all the time. If you can ‘be’ and also reflect on something - good. But if you lose your Being, you lose contact with whatever else is going on in the room. What, are you ready to let the defence-lawyer talk now? I’m a little bit stirring up your ‘personality’ at the moment. I’m putting my finger in the hornet’s nest - the part that’s always trying to figure out, figure out, figure out! And, if I can get you angry enough there - even though you know you could swallow and say it doesn’t matter - then maybe you could find yourself behind all that bulshit. Don’t think about it. Psst! I should be able to talk to you like this and you remember me in the same way as when I give you a kiss on the cheek. There you go! That’s the real you, and that’s the real me. If you can remember that, you won’t mind me giving you an ‘elbow’! You understand?

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