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taken from: How to Get Out

It's crazy out there. It's seems that the people keep moving because they don't know how to die.
There's no end to the complications. How could it be different, how could society exist if people were not going to 'jobs', 'passing the buck', worrying about their children’s education, cloths, food and sex life, lying and fending off their parents' 'logical' questions. 
What's there to talk about? Why everyone is trying to steal from the next guy - from the shopkeeper to our high class 'professionals' - and all with a well groomed SMILE? '
But it's got to go on' you say, 'that's life, that's society, that's our CIVILIZATION!’
And by-god you're right! Take one ugly piece out of that, take one basic ATTITUDE out of that and the whole building would come down - and who needs that?
But do you have to be sick and crazy along with the rest of them?

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