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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

Don’t resent the ’not knowing’, the ’eeh’ in it, the pain! If you are going to move from where you are, you will have to be able to live truthfully in the ’I don’t know’, and with the changing feelings and thoughts.

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taken from: How to Get Out

We have a real basic and for the most part unconscious habit! Whenever we think in terms of making things better we think in terms of the future. Our thinking is always geared to plans of action of a consecutive, sequential nature - we shall 'do this and then that' so that things will be better later on - in the 'future' ! That's the way our minds work habitually - that's the way we've been trained - and that must CHANGE! We must come to realize that the change that we want and Need has to do with NOW!

Now is the moment to be acted on - the only moment that there is, constantly recurring, constantly current, always now and here. Our minds, after seeing the truth and the simple logic in the situation must make a complete change. From always and habitually functioning in the pattern of past/present/future in an attempt to fulfill its desires it must now start to function in a total dedication to the present, the NOW. It has seen some of the imagination inevitably resulting from the 'time mind' and understands the necessity of moving behind this picture world, separating from it, to the peace and energy flowing NOW through ‘good conscience’ emotions and relaxed body.

The mind must now start to work for the now, through the now and from the now.

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taken from: How to Get Out

Now, now, feel good - no past, no future - NOW feel good - this is where we have to start - this is what we have to do!

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taken from: How to Get Out

Let's face it, you don't feel all that good about your past. You would have hopped that at a minimum it would have made you more comfortable now. But it didn't. And here we are. So, HOW DO WE START? Everyone asks this question, you know, that is, real people touching real questions like this. But, we're going to try to answer it!

Now, now - WE MUST START NOW - not with the pain or confusion of yesterday and not with the hope and illusion of tomorrow, but NOW.

Are you ready to sacrifice all your pet notions about 'what should be' and 'the high level of your own critical faculties'? All your pet notions are of the past, that totality of past that admits that it does not understand! And we've seen that we must start now - and in order to start now we must separate from our pasts and from our imagination of our future - and that would include all your 'pet notions'. And look here, your pet notions are very much supportive of your present sense of yourself, your picture of yourself, your imaginary picture of yourself - it's the data of your personal 'thought matrix', it's the very structure and frame of the 'thought matrix' itself - when you move into the Now 'you' cease to exist (as you thought of yourself before). But, and this is the GRAND 'secret' exposed - your sense of identity and individuality moves, drops to that place called Good Conscience, into a new and present emotional reality, happily linked with a relaxed and sensitive sense of the body. Body and Emotions are the great NOW - all the 'thinking mind' business is random data of the past, intermingled with fact and fiction of the present, projecting a completely imaginary future!

You want to know what to do?
You want to know what to do NOW?

You must drop the past and the future now!

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What can an awakened soul give/do other than what their life experiences prepare them for? To perform within whatever their current capacity and understanding is.
What is the BEST a 'loving person' has to GIVE?
He has PRESENCE. He has NOW to 'give'. Now, and sensitivity to its requirements.
The requirements of the NOW dictate the give, on top of the LOVE.

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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

Everybody wants the peace of Eternity, of Now. Eternity isn’t only of the ’past’ and the ’future’, it is, most essentially, Now! Everything alive is making an effort to balance out with that ’Presence’. That’s where ’God’ is, the Intelligent Universe, alive and functioning. Whether your ’trick’ is liquor, drugs, sex, sky diving, or meditation - that’s the connection you’re begging for consciously or otherwise. Even an explosion of anger can leave you with a few moments of... ’ahhh!’..., of Now!

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taken from: How to Get Out

We can ONLY take NOW and that applies to EVERYTHING - love, food, fun, joy, play, companionship, all and everything good is active present - now! We can get a 'kick' from the planning, the anticipation, but the getting is now, the take is now.

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taken from: Suicide & After words

We can not tolerate the fact that, in the ‘now’, we’re nobody. To be ‘somebody’ you have to remember who you were and who you’regoing to be! You’re in a picture, in a movie. What you ‘are’, is now! Work is about re-member-ing that Self, behind the images that the imagination cooks up in its complex ways.

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taken from: How to Get Out

The NOW can feed us in ways undreamt of - but we need the ENERGY to eat it. Now all the energy is going into scheming or worrying and 'picturing' a Future that NEVER COMES.
And here's the 'double bind' and the 'salvation' within the mystery.You have to be OUT psychologically from the dream, but IN dynamically.
Energies (Food) of the NOW are CREATED (stimulated/brought out) in the Friction caused by Human Imagination and Fear. The illusions within the Dream World cause conflicts which trigger the flow of various energies.
WE NEED THE DREAM WORLD, but can only benefit from it from a very PERFECT Understanding of its structure and limits, and its 

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All you got, baby, is now! You’re going to have to learn how to deal with that now, or never!
You are a part of ETERNITY - the ’timeless’. You are also part of LIFE - with ’pictures’ of where you are, and some of where you’d like to be. Try to make those pictures conscious - because, you’re making a lot of, as if, ’decisions’ from there!

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