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Badly, you need each other’s support. Because you’re not really living up to your best understanding half an hour a day. It’s very legitimate, the ’mutuality’.

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You be ready to share your TOTALITY. And if you choose to make someone more important because you call them ’blood family’, and turn the others into second class citizens, you’ve just fucked yourselves. That’s your own little ego package, which never did ANYBODY any good.

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taken from: End of Days

They are usually the only humans we know anything about in depth. All the rest, other than some 'close friends', manage to hide most everything.
There is more pain around than you can possibly imagine. If you knew more about it, you would not get so sucked-dry by all those 'close ones'.

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Help your family as much as you can, as much as possible - but no second class friends. There should be no second class citizens, actually. That doesn’t mean you can relate to everybody. But ’God’ does love everyone. If you want CONNECTION with that love, you cannot be so selective, conditioned by your fear, basically, or sentimentality. Yes, sentimentality.
To get to KNOW something or someone, you have to PAY attention. That’s love, connection, seeing. The rest is just shit, forget it.

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People are WELL CONDITIONED and kept in place by a mass of supporting 'logic' of all kinds.
Shall we take a look at the 'coupling phenomena'? The Boy/Girl thing? No accident that the Family is considered the 'corner stone of society'. Society, that is rushing head long into total disaster and is already SICK from top to bottom, PRIZES THE FAMILY. Now, YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT.
Members of the family within society, SQUEEZE THE EMOTIONAL BLOOD OUT OF EACH OTHER. They give NO comfort, EVEN IN SICKNESS. They block anything new as a threat to the status-quo.
The fear of BEING ALONE is overwhelming/intolerable. 'Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't know' is LIVED BY, even without hearing the expression. FEAR is the undercurrent of it all, and there is no energy left even to consider questioning it.

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