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Trust is to the mind, what love is to the heart’!
Got it? I like the word trust. I trust the word ’trust’ more than I trust the word ’love’. I can’t imagine love without trust. 
The strange thing is that there is only one goddamn thing in this world that you can really trust - and that, first of all, you’ve got to find,inside yourself. Until then you’re really on totally shaky ground.

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taken from: Love/Pain

It’s hard to think ’love’, without thinking ’pain’. Can they be separated? Well, it’s best not to expect love without pain. Who would ’share the burden’ with our Common Cosmic Father? How about that one - we expect that love should have no pain in it!
Gurdjieff said, ’that any relationship he had, or would have, could only bring him more pain’!
That sounds pretty depressing, no? (laugh) One could say, ’who needs it?’ 
I think some people do say that. Every time they had love, they had pain with it - and they don’t want, anymore, of that!
The biggest pain that love has to face is that the love might, somehow, get ’lost’! We want to hold it - and you can’t! Love, in its essence, is free! ’God’, is free, the Higher in you, is free, relative to the lower.

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taken from: End of Days

A normal emotion is 'love of kind' - and its natural intellectual correspondent is 'getting to know you'. There, understanding is the motivation - and when that is the focus, fear or greed, and the resulting guilt, have no place to lay their dirty hands.

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Time is illusion and illusion causes pain, inevitably. Love, at a minimum, wishes to eliminate pain, or transcend it, or transform it, but certainly not to leave it alone as it is. Time is illusion and illusion causes pain. If we cannot talk about it, deal with it, expose it for what it is, or more exactly for what it is not - then we cannot love with any effect. What is love without effect? The issue of Love and the issue of Time are inseparable.

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Do we love? Let’s say ’relatively’ speaking. Ah, well, does love have degrees? In a way it does, as ’self-remembering’ has degrees. You can ’be’, more or less! The effort to remember yourself is one thing, the degree of remembering is another. Full Self-remembering is quite something else again. Got it?
Your Real Self, is Love, the next level up within you - the ’God’ within.

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Love is a state and fear is a state and you can’t be in both at the same time. When you’re ‘in’ love, you have a wider perspective. Love is a level ‘above’, a level withinIt over-sees all else! There you have flexibility and can really see because you’re not looking for something you ‘want’ - you already have it!

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Help your family as much as you can, as much as possible - but no second class friends. There should be no second class citizens, actually. That doesn’t mean you can relate to everybody. But ’God’ does love everyone. If you want CONNECTION with that love, you cannot be so selective, conditioned by your fear, basically, or sentimentality. Yes, sentimentality.
To get to KNOW something or someone, you have to PAY attention. That’s love, connection, seeing. The rest is just shit, forget it.

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Love is light - it is also Presence. That's what you actually ARE . Don't let the 'devil' get you and make you forget. All the devil can do is make you forget - it can't change reality.

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taken from: End of Days

In truth, the 'sacredness of life' can only be respected and upheld in a State of Love. Human life is sacred primarily in regard to the possible fruition of its evolutionary potential. Mankind evolves and flourishes only by virtue of intelligence that manifests from the cosmic level of Love.

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taken from: End of Days

Love, in its fullness, demands complete self-abnegation. It abolishes all labels - including the religious one. 
In Love, there is the clear Realization of being a Child of the Universe/God. 'Son of God', if you like.
Yes, the Man said: 'I AM ... the first fruits'.
Between Guilt (well founded) and Love comes a not so simple thing called 'The Work'.

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