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It's very rare for a person to get a sense of satisfaction from that which is wider than their own little life - larger than their own immediate sense of comfort and safety. There is a something within that has immense strength to it and an unquestionable permanent reality. To taste that, one would have had to experience the actual vibration of it. That 'Place of Certainty', inside one, that doesn'tdepend on anything outside. All one's usual thoughts, emotions or sensation are outside of IT. You have sensations, ideas, emotions, appetites, aversions - but they're all 'outside' the Essential You. Within Real 'I', you have everything you need. You've got 'God'. Thereis Love in its real sense.

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Let's look at the word 'blest'. To be blest is to receive 'Hesed' (Grace) - something that comes from 'Above'. It's a gift. Someone who has been blest has been elevated by something Higher. They didn't do it them-selves. 'Something' from Above, lifts you to the Above, or lifts the situation. And what is the 'Above'? It's beyond your imagination! It's your own Real Self, Real 'I', what you are essentially. It's also the foundation of Observing 'I'. 'Behind' Observing 'I' - is Real 'I'.

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taken from: End of Days

No one can know or understand anything real within their usual state. Only at a different level within can one know and understand anything of the Real World. Man, as a 'Three Centered Being', must have his centers cleaned and balanced in order to stand in REAL I - behind all his 'centers’ and functions.

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Every small 'I' has its own interest. It might give you something, but at most for only a limited time. It's an IDOL, in the real sense of the word. Real 'I' is the potential center of gravity of your Whole Being. The multiplicity of non-working small 'I's are the 'goyim' (gentiles), the 'others', the 'non-believers'. They 'know not God'. They are the Polytheists, with the 'many gods'. Money as god, liquor as god, sex as god, anger as god. What's missing is the 'One God' - the One and Only Real I.

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