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taken from: End of Days

The last thing anyone will forgive you, is that you 'remember yourself'. The last thing your own subjective personality will allow, is that you remember your essential SELF. It is death to 'false personality'.

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'... HIS SONS.'
In an ideal sense, a son is the true representative of the best in the father, right? A real son is someone who 'lives up' to his father's 'standards'. 
That's really not so simple. Is a peacemaker someone who makes peace between others? Is that it? Is that even possible? What about a peacemaker making peace in himself? Can you make peace outside, if you're not at peace in yourself?
God is Peace. To be a true 'Son of God' is to project the best from That Source from which you came. You must strive to be in that basic condition.
'The End indicates the Means!'

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taken from: Survival

One of the new cards coming out says: ’Competition and Comparison are Ugly things!’ You have no idea of what freedom there could be if we were just to stop measuring ourselves against other people.
Competition and comparison are like the outer walls of a prison. We’re in prison - psychologically! There are all kinds of corridors, locks on the doors etc., and it’s not simple just getting from your own cell into the outer courtyard. Then, the courtyard is surrounded by a wall! I’m inclined to say that that outer wall is made of ’bricks’ - and those bricks are made from competition and comparison!

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taken from: Decision to work

There’s no ‘good’ without ‘bad’. Good and bad are, in a way, positive and negative energies. Personality is all that we acquired since we were born - all the habits of thinking and doing, all the information. That’s what personality is, right? We were born in essence. Personality is the black (-) and essence is the white (+).

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