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Pain is energy! It’s a distorted energy, it is twisted energy but nevertheless it is energy. That’s the immense wisdom in the ’non-expression of negative emotions’. Because, if you don’t express your negativity - and that doesn’t mean just in words - then you’ve still got that energy. Energy is heat, and heat is light. Light enough for a person to view their own mechanical self-serving excuse/justification. ”I don’t feel good because I got something I shouldn’t have or I don’t have something I should have!” That’s what justification is - it’s ’because’. If you have a growing understanding of life, you begin to see that the ’becauses’ are imaginary!
How does energy get twisted? It’s hard not to get a little technical here. Energy gets twisted because energy comes to us as ’impressions’. Impressions are energy. We are not conscious as an impression hits, so the impression is absorbed mechanically in one or another center. All impressions have a full range, like a rainbow. But if only one or another ’colour’ of an impression gets picked-up by, say, the emotional center, without awareness - that would be, by definition, ’twisted energy’.

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From family disabilities to the agony of the Planet and everything in-betwen, all subject to the abuses of men. The infinite possibilities to justify negativity. Energy leaks from top to bottom. Useless circles. 
With sufficient energy and strength there is connection, intelligence, function, Conscience. Without refined energy there is one or another degree of agonizing within Mechanical Imagination. All and any negativity must be separated from IMMEDIATELY. NO (BE)CAUSE can justify it. Negativity is IGNORANCE. No 'and', 'ifs', or 'buts'!

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When you are negative, you are in jail. Within the Lawfulness of the Universe your negativity judges you, grabs you like a constable, and holds you like a jail. It's a fact.

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Oh, you're going to be held in your negativity until you have paid, in full. Well, how do you pay? For instance, how do you pay for your mistakes of 'expectation'? The first mistake was that you 'knew' who and what could or should have done something. You believed in the negativity of your mechanical preference, and went with your mechanical justification of it. You didn't suffer the issue, consciously. You got identified with it. You thought someone, or God, or 'life', owes you something. You're negative, you've been short-changed, somehow, hurt, treated unjustly - and you're angry
There are, as if, different negative emotions. You even have different names for them. You can call it jealousy, you can call it insult, you can call it what you want. But they're definitely made up of assumptions of what could or should be. 
So people suffer, get negative and justify, thereby maintaining, by the way, a sense of 'I' which is totally imaginary! So they never really get to 'pay'. They don't pay with awareness and voluntary suffering.
When you're negative, you're in darkness. From there you go around thinking you're 'right'. You think you're 'justified in justifying yourself', because that's what everyone else is doing. You're ignorant of the Law. Your right or wrong is nothing more than a vague sense, coming from smack within the darkness. From a cosmic point of view it doesn't make a shit bit of difference, it's totally subjective - each one measuring in his own 'way'. 

People seem to suffer more deeply from their negativity the older they get. More and more they find out that no matter how they try to explain and justify, it doesn't make any difference, it doesn't change anything. But their whole repertoire of 'identities' is in there. In time they can't help but realize that their life has been hardly anything more than a subjective movie.

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It’s been confirmed, that children learn negativity from the people around them. It’s not ’natural’ - there is no normal place in the emotional center for negativity. All negativity is a false something!

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The more you see, the better are your chances of freeing yourself from the twisted negative energy. What is being talked about here is all very painful - it is talking about the cumulative negativity!
You can’t think straight when you are identified, negative, internally-considering, or just turning over in habit. You have some corrective ’principles’ - but, how much are you using them?

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