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It’s hard to think ’love’, without thinking ’pain’. Can they be separated? Well, it’s best not to expect love without pain. Who would ’share the burden’ with our Common Cosmic Father? How about that one - we expect that love should have no pain in it!
Gurdjieff said, ’that any relationship he had, or would have, could only bring him more pain’!
That sounds pretty depressing, no? (laugh) One could say, ’who needs it?’ 
I think some people do say that. Every time they had love, they had pain with it - and they don’t want, anymore, of that!
The biggest pain that love has to face is that the love might, somehow, get ’lost’! We want to hold it - and you can’t! Love, in its essence, is free! ’God’, is free, the Higher in you, is free, relative to the lower.

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