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taken from: How to Get Out

It is neither a question of behavioral improvement nor merely a shift in attitude. Both behavior and attitude changes expand one's awareness of the range and change and possibilities of variety in angles of perception/cognition/individual subjective world picturing. Shifts in behavior and attitude, either volitional or induced, are potentially useful in exposing the vast number of illusions within imagination and as a possible inducement to establishing one's sense of Being BEHIND all of this in one's ESSENCE, the qualities of which include Consciousness and Conscience within DEEP AWARENESS.
Changes of behavior and attitude are possible means of study and never an end in themselves.
Man is ASLEEP in imagination and as well is HYPNOTIZED and most often TRAUMATIZED.
Change of behavior and attitude with the resulting shift in perceptions and a growing awareness of SUBJECTIVITY WITHIN IMAGINATION 
undermines the illusory sense of stability. For this awakening to be successful and not lead to a lost madness, these processes require 
the presence of, the awareness of, the REALITY OF ESSENCE - this is THE work of a SCHOOL.

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