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A warrior is not a ’fighter’ - there’s a big difference. A warrior is constantly challenged by truthfulness, humility and love. It’s very much an energy issue. You must have the courage to say ’no’ to fear, and revert back to your aim, within yourevaluation. You must first ’stop’, put the brakes on when you are in mechanical fear, stop slipping backwards. Only then can you really think!

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But, what really matters? This is what we have to get to! We have to separate what really makes a difference from what doesn’t. If something matters, what exactly does it affect? What difference does it make! What someone likes or doesn’t like? What difference does it make relative to this question of ’doing’? It’s the issue of ’awareness’. Not guilt, not pride - just awareness!
The following seems like a different thought, although it’s very connected.
’Acting on behalf of others’ 
is, basically, an expansion 
of awareness!

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Awareness is the issue - awareness! The wider your awareness, the more you participate in the Reality of the Unity. The moment you slip into your pettiness, you’ve just turned into a little devil.

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