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for instance, the symbol of the Cross. The Horizontal line of Time, and the Vertical line of Eternity. That symbol brings up the vital issue of 'scale'. To have a real sense of scale, you have to have had a large variety of experiences while noting the differences in thinking, feeling, motivations and activities, at different levels. Experiences of lows and highs and the various in-betweens. More than just a vague sense of 'I feel good', 'I feel bad'. Between feeling 'fantastically good' and 'terribly bad' there's a whole range. Generally speaking, when you say 'I feel good', it hardly means more than 'I don't feel quite as bad as I felt a few minutes ago.' That's not good enough. Every variation in level has a specific vibration to it. Every level is as a 'musical note' on a scale. Take emotional and physical readings, and check what kinds of thoughts or sensations are going on at that moment. Take another reading later from a lower or higher place, and check what is circulating then. Note the differences!

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