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From family disabilities to the agony of the Planet and everything in-betwen, all subject to the abuses of men. The infinite possibilities to justify negativity. Energy leaks from top to bottom. Useless circles. 
With sufficient energy and strength there is connection, intelligence, function, Conscience. Without refined energy there is one or another degree of agonizing within Mechanical Imagination. All and any negativity must be separated from IMMEDIATELY. NO (BE)CAUSE can justify it. Negativity is IGNORANCE. No 'and', 'ifs', or 'buts'!

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The strange thing about 'ignorance' is that, in fact, it's not what you don't know - it's what you think you know. Actually we don't really think - it's all taken for granted. The mind without structure produces only random associations - useless suffering is inevitable at that level. In order to rectify the situation you need a Way, you need Knowledge. All this business is not for social adjustment. It's Work, to get out of prison. It's truly revolutionary!

Related Subjects: Ignorance

The problem isn't what we don't know - it's what we think we know. That mass of information and experience you tend to take as 'you'. All of which simply does not add up! You want to be free of it. But, within that confusion is all the material that you 'think' from, and have your sense of 'I' within. Without that ignorance - 'you' do not exist. 
That ignorance is the giant issue. It's who you think you are.
It's nonsense, it's illusion, all within the darkness.
If you put the light of observation on all of that it has the effect of dissolving the pictures that were held together with, as I sometimes say, 'scotch tape and spit'. Even a little light starts to melt it. Separate, look back at it - and get a smile on your face.

Related Subjects: Ignorance