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taken from: Reason to Live

Maybe begin to realize you can think, think this way, that way, twist and turn, but what can you really ’do’ - other than Remember Yourself? Be aware of incoming impressions, so you don’t get identified in a mechanical reaction, be present, act as best as you can, now. Because anything that’s ’after’ is little more than imagination. So, everything leads back to Work. The Work of presence. Because you can think, do anything you want, but if you’re in the middle of a dream and not rooted in conscience, in love, in presence, then there’s no common denominator, there’s no common line. And it’s unusual to sit with anybody that can hear what I just said, and say: ’yeah, that makes perfect sense!’

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taken from: Danger!

The Work of this house is for the ’presence’ of people - not for people’s ’production’. Nobody’s physical output (production) is ‘needed’ - therefore no pride, no vanity!
Production, which covers a large area, comes from life experience - ‘personality’! Presence, comes from outside of life - from Essence, The Source, God.

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What can an awakened soul give/do other than what their life experiences prepare them for? To perform within whatever their current capacity and understanding is.
What is the BEST a 'loving person' has to GIVE?
He has PRESENCE. He has NOW to 'give'. Now, and sensitivity to its requirements.
The requirements of the NOW dictate the give, on top of the LOVE.

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Love is light - it is also Presence. That's what you actually ARE . Don't let the 'devil' get you and make you forget. All the devil can do is make you forget - it can't change reality.

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