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There is not one thought that passes through you 
that you cannot but put a question mark beside.

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You can only really think, when you are relaxed. You can think clearly only when you’re not in anxiety, not afraid! But if all your life and everything around you says ’danger danger danger’, and you’ve already learnt a few tricks of how to survive in it - can that change?

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taken from: Decision to work

Thinking from the Work and thinking from life - are two very different things. To really know the difference you have to experience the results of Work effort. In life we have a lot of habits, and make sort of mechanical efforts. We must have some observation of that, of what generally moves us, and what the results are.
But you must also experience the results that come from another kind of activity - what is referred to in the Work as ‘conscious effort’. It’s useful to think deeply about this. You have made certain Work efforts, and if they were made with sincerity, you should by now have the ‘taste’.
One is an effort in Being - the other is effort in everything else!

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taken from: Bionic-Man

That goes for our usual thinking, yeah. It’s emphasized in the Work that: ”the only thing you can really call thinking, is ’thinking from anidea’.” That could take ten lifetimes for it to become clear to you, but it’s the absolute truth. You can’t really think without basic Work ideas. All the rest is random associations, mixed with... everything!

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taken from: Decision to work

There is a very important statement in the Work that is so large that no one even thinks about it, hardly. And that is:
The only thing that can really be called thinking, is thinking from an idea.”
It’s referring to a Work Idea! It is connected with the notion of ‘the difference between looking at life through the eyes of the Work rather than looking at the Work through the eyes of life’. When you catch that difference, you can make much clearer efforts.

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taken from: Wasting God's Time

Our usual, ‘normal’ thinking has been totally conditioned and formed by a mixture of words, notions, speculations and as if logic of our general society. That includes contemporary ‘wisdom’ as well as ‘facts’ from recent times to the ancient past; from stories of violence to stories of prophecy. All this comes together mechanically in each individual and ends off forming the corrupted framework that they do their thinking from – and ‘value’ this, that or the next thing.

There is a tremendous difference between that kind of thinking and the type of thinking which could occur if one were in a meditative, quiet, sensitive, emotionally and physically aware relationship to the moment. There the mystery and magnificence of life and existence is so overwhelmingly obvious that new questions tend to arise relative to AMAZING REALITY.

Such as:

WHERE are we? 
Where did we COME FROM? 
HOW LONG are we here for? 
Is there ANYTHING 
worthwhile, valuable, lasting 
that we can accomplish or contribute to 
in the short time that we are alive?

taken from: Suicide & After words

When you try to observe the mind, you tend to get identified with the thoughts. We think we are the thoughts! Until there’s a certain degree of ‘separation’ we can’t really observe the thinking process because we’re so identified - we think it’s ‘us’.

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Why can’t we REMEMBER OURSELVES? Why can’t we just BE? They say it’s a ’dangerous world’, so we’re always fearful. No matter what you do, it’s all fearful. That’s true. You can’t avoid it. A million things you never even thought of could happen. We struggle with a person, we struggle with a thought, we struggle with this or that fear. Now it’s reached the point in this world, certainly in your own life, that there are so many things that are fearful, that when you start thinking of one, it connects with them all. You CAN’T ’think’ about them all.
Everything is so mixed up. What can you think of for more than a few seconds? Does this make any sense to you? Who can think straight for more than a moment? That’s a fact, one of many facts.
You’ve got something else to do: self-observation, non-identification, Self-remembering. THAT’S REAL! You’ve got to learn how. That’s an INNER EFFORT. If you start practicing that, YOU DON’T HAVE THE TIME FOR ALL THE REST. And it’s really not so dangerous. You can worry yourself sick, but that doesn’t make more money come in. When you’ve got good energy, you do something. When you don’t, you don’t.

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