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To know the difference between a Work Aim and a life aim is a big thing. But how can you know the difference until you have ‘worked them’ both? You know, you’ve worked life, we work life, we know what it does and doesn’t do. So, in order to know the alternative, you have to ‘work the Work’. Work Ideas are totally new, you have to think about them, ponder what they mean, make intelligent effort, even to make some mistakes, in order to see whether or how the Work works! Then you will know the difference and be in a position to make the decision - are you, or are you not, going to work?

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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

Put your picture together as best as you can: where you are, what you’re doing, why you’re doing it! Within that is the hope of developing what’s called ’driver’. If you lack driver in yourself, then you are just subject to all the ’winds’ - mainly other people’s hot air.
Everyone knows what I’m talking about, because occasionally they do that. But they don’t always realize what they’re doing - and as such forget the aim they set themselves. There must be a clear aim, so that when difficulties arise, you can ’remember’, and keep it going!

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taken from: End of Days

People become completely confused for the simple reason that they lose all distinction between Aim (purpose) and Means (how to achieve it). To put it simply, they do not know, or forget, why they are doing what they are doing. The mind gets left behind before it has done its essential job. The mind must re-awaken to the fact that it must be 'driver', at the wheel, and remember its hoped-for destination.

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Your WHY is your AIM, is your MEANING, is your FOCUS. You must get it clear in your head. Also in your heart.

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Authentic Spiritual Work, Religions or Teachings are means, functional in life, which allow you to pursue an AIM.

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taken from: Direct

‘They’ say that a man with a Work aim
must learn to like what he dislikes
and dislike what he likes.

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taken from: Priorities

You’ve got two main choices. If you have ambition in the world - then go to it! The alternative is work on your ’inner life’. You can work on the WORLD, or you can work IN. They’re not totally exclusive. In a way they are like two legs. You use both of them. You are living in those two worlds. But the big issue is - where do you put the emphasis. You must establish what your AIM is - what is it that you want, what do you believe is possible!

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