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taken from: 'Equal to Life'

’Equal To Life’ - what would it entail, now? Regardless of how much experience a person has, it doesn’t make a hell of a lot of difference anymore. Everyone must come to a radically new relationship to the world - the conventional ’juggling’ just won’t get anyone, anywhere, anymore!
The world that you perceive depends a lot on your experience, but even more on your ’level of being’! Your level is on the vertical line of the cross - the line of Eternity. Don’t forget!

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taken from: Suicide & After words

It’s explained in many of the traditions as to why is man so unique. Man can evolve! Animals always will be animals and angels will always be angels, but this body gives us an incredible opportunity to change our ‘level of being’. By its ability to refine energy! And the energy to be refined, is the energy of pain. Refining it through, what is called ‘Understanding’. We are sitting in the transforming machine.....

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