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You can only imagine yourself to be a ‘somebody’ 
when you compare yourself to others  those 
that are thought of as being more or less smart, 
tall, rich, knowledgeable, talented, loving, strong 
etc. Your biggest DISLIKE is appearing deficient, 
a ‘nobody’. 

That is why what you LIKE most is your own 
thinking, whereby and only whereby you can 
maintain a picture of being a ‘somebody’.

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What we are interested in is the SOUL / PSYCHOLOGICAL BODY. You want ’health’, and that comes from God, The Whole. THERE you want to be connected. As long as you are busy with only ’you’ - you’ve DISCONNECTED yourself. And don’t fool yourself, what you call ’yours’, and ’you’, IS EXACTLY THE SAME THING. An infinitesimal little package, regurgitating its own confusion.

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To 'commit adultery', in the usual terms, is when you are married and have sex outside the marriage. It has a deeper psychological/esoteric meaning.
The Perfect Marriage, 'until death do us part', is when one's male element (Consciousness) enters one's female element (Body/Emotion).There you have the 'marriage made in heaven'.
So, what is adultery at that level? Aren't people poking at each other all the time? A clever remark, a joke, a challenge, a trick, an induced awkwardness. Don't people like to 'stick it to you', so to speak, using their 'cleverness' to penetrate? Their own consciousness/attention seldom penetrates their own flesh. They use it to agitate, to 'fuck around' with other people. You have your own 'woman' to make love to... it's not someone over there. That penetration/connection is meant to bring on a second birth - a Second Body. That Second Body is the birth of the 'Christ child' within you, and results from the only marriage that really counts.

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The 'issue' is the birth of the 'Christ' within. The active/intelect/male as 'Father', the receptive/body/female as 'Mother'. Then, what we are looking for, is the CHILD - the birth of the Higher within you - Second Body!

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taken from: Suicide & After words

When a person takes their own life, one of the things that is so obvious is that they were in incredible pain - psychologically. People may take their life as a result of physical pain, but it’s usually around psychological issues.
Psychological/electronic body - it’s a Soul issue!

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taken from: Suicide & After words

The clearest thing that arises, which is consistent with ‘yeda’ (Knowledge) and also consistent with experience - is that with a body, one can transform. The body is a Transforming Mechanism!

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taken from: Suicide & After words

Everything we have is vibration - and that vibration goes into the body! It can be observed as sheer energy, without it slipping up into the imagination that wants to struggle with it, justify it, or run away from it!
That is a rough kind of description of how the body might transform energy. Through direct attention! Not through judgment and not through analysis. Work is about observation - not analysis.
And it goes for all centers. In a way it’s easier with the body.

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taken from: Suicide & After words

It’s explained in many of the traditions as to why is man so unique. Man can evolve! Animals always will be animals and angels will always be angels, but this body gives us an incredible opportunity to change our ‘level of being’. By its ability to refine energy! And the energy to be refined, is the energy of pain. Refining it through, what is called ‘Understanding’. We are sitting in the transforming machine.....

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If you're not totally busy wanting, grabbing and holding then you may have enough energy to pay attention to what you actually do have. Not what you might have, but what you do have. And what you have, most essentially, is your body. You are in a body, and that is your 'earth'. Your body is made of earth substance, and you are meant to 'have' it. Now you don'thave it because you don't know it! You know it theoretically, but you're still not really in it. Your awareness, sensitivity, is now being eaten away by 'sweet' dreams.

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taken from: How to Get Out

WHAT can we take - now? 
We can take now what is available now. Available, okay - what's available?
You sit there in your body. Now get the words, you sit there IN your body, which means, first of all, that YOU are NOT your BODY, you have a body, you 'sit' IN it.
What's available? Well, to start with, your body!
You have that body not only as a mobile something to get you around, not only - it's an incredible machine/animal not only capable of a great number of tricks but also has a magnificent inner dynamic, always pulsating, throbbing, circulating a massive amount of energy. It's YOUR body, you can know it, feel it, ride comfortably in it, be buoyed up joyfully within it !IT is there NOW for you - not only for it's good 'use' but for it's Good FEEL. Lots of misunderstanding around this very issue of 'feel'. We for one thing know about feeling other peoples' bodies and in certain cases like them to feel ours - but, man, YOU can feel YOURS all by yourself, and NOW. Not so much the outside, masturbation or otherwise, okay, really no serious harm, but INSIDE where it's 'all happening' - relax, must relax - feel the hand, the right hand, in and out, 
feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllll it ! 
Move the attention to the left hand 
the same do ! 
the left foot 
etc. etc. 
'A hint to the wise' !

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