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taken from: How to Get Out

Let's start by exercising our humility. Not a false or assumed humility, but rather the humility that comes from knowing that you don't know - that life for the most part up to the present has, at best, been a collection of experiences with, at best, the possibility of eventually serving as the basis, the raw material for the formation of a real grasp and the formation of a real understanding as to what life is and one's ultimate possibilities in it. A real humility.

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taken from: Respond Ability

We now circle the question that everyone is struggling with all the time – 'WHAT SHOULD I DO?' It's seldom voiced so bluntly because that would take a high level of humility, an acknowledgment that, 'I DON'T KNOW !' And hardly anyone is ready to admit THAT.

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taken from: Bionic-Man

There is no way you can imitate humility. But, you already know that your ’perceptions’ come and go, and that you only know, what you know, for the moment that you know it. Anything more than that is a lie!
You also know that you are able to use whatever you know, only when you are truly ’present’. When you are not present,it’s all doing you. And, within that error, you develop a very strange kind of ’identity’ ! The lie twists your vibration, you want to ’impress’, you get sick.

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