Epistle to the Global village







Let it be known that we do our work in the depths of deep, deep, corruption. To remain in 'contact' we are 'forced' to relate, to touch, sometimes even to exhibit, the most vile realities of a corrupt and corrupting stage and state of mankind. 

Make no mistake, your decisions are yours, your acts are yours, the responsibility is yours, and there is no escape from the consequences of your actions and deepest thoughts. This is the Law, no one can avoid it. 
The past is another matter. In a state of knowing, in a state of repentance, you have the opportunity to suffer the consequences of past ignorance and evil in a conscious manner, thereby cleansing through little else than the fires of hell on earth the resulting impurities of past errors. Ignorance past or present of the Law is of no avail. Awareness of the truth is the comforting balm that smooths the passage from error to righteousness. All must be paid for, better now than later, better by far. 
Far better for you that you suffer and bleed, literally even, than protect yourself in any kind of comfort and safety. Better indeed. Our crime is not merely in the obvious evil that we may or may not have been party to; our crime is even in our laziness, lack of concern, even lack of awareness of the true conditions that surround us. Our crime is in the excuse of pandering to the demands of the, objectively speaking, 'evil ones' who by their ill-gotten gains have tempted us with gifts and promises, calling evil the good. We have at times, or most times, believed them. Our crime has been our fear; our fear that in its sometime subtle trickery has fed our narrow self pity, and 'helped' us justify evil and self-enclosing, ignorant, defensive, aggressive moves and posturing. Our evil is not only in our overt actions but in our non-actions and our so called neutrality. Beware of your self-comforting justifications. There is no escape from the Law, none.
Are you strong enough to hear this now? If not, know that there is little time to spare, if any at all.