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I asked a Hassidic Rabbi what the religion said the purpose of life was.

'Life', he explained, 'was like a cloakroom at the entrance of a house. Prepare yourself in the cloakroom in order to enter the house!'

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taken from: How to Get Out

Growing and learning are first of all psychological matters. Our problems are psychological. Don't get frightened by that word, no one wants to send you to a psychologist, necessarily, no -just to REALIZE that our pain, for the most part, comes from NOT UNDERSTANDING !
That is the painful, confusing, unsatisfying condition we find ourselves in. Understanding is a psychological question. Our problems are first of all psychological.
And mark this - unless you come from good conscience, unless you come from honesty, humility and a place of GOOD FEELING, you will never have a healthy psychology. Life will give you all the new data you require for a new and TRUTHFUL psychology if you deal with life HONESTLY, and give and take the best available NOW.

taken from: Perverse Criticism

Anyone who gets proud because they believe they are ’In the Work’ is stupid! You can’t label yourself into sainthood or importance. If there is something there that you liked, that you found true, that you thought had value, and was ’workable’ - then work it! No one else basically gives a shit.That’s between you and what you think is true - and that’s your business! Anyone with good-will would of course wish you the best - to say the least. But don’t you slip into making an ’impression’ on anybody - like some Jews want to make an impression, I don’t know on whom - on the ‘goyim’? “We are proud Jews!” Oh yes! They have no idea what they are talking about.

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taken from: Bionic-Man

If you remain ’in pride’, there is no way you can stop getting sucked dry. People stay proud because they insist on being somebody! To feel ’somebody’ you’ve got to convince yourself that you know certain things, for sure! If that illusion doesn’t fade, you will continue to live in your false and painful, imaginary sense of ’I’.
But never mind: ”I’ll do my yoga, Tai-Chi, maybe I’ll go to a healer”. But the twisted vibrations, within the illusion, will resurface, in the lie!
Don’t be little children - be as ’innocent of evil’, as little children. That would be dropping your subjective judgments, your ’knowing’, your PRIDE.

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taken from: Reason to Live

Maybe begin to realize you can think, think this way, that way, twist and turn, but what can you really ’do’ - other than Remember Yourself? Be aware of incoming impressions, so you don’t get identified in a mechanical reaction, be present, act as best as you can, now. Because anything that’s ’after’ is little more than imagination. So, everything leads back to Work. The Work of presence. Because you can think, do anything you want, but if you’re in the middle of a dream and not rooted in conscience, in love, in presence, then there’s no common denominator, there’s no common line. And it’s unusual to sit with anybody that can hear what I just said, and say: ’yeah, that makes perfect sense!’

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taken from: Danger!

The Work of this house is for the ’presence’ of people - not for people’s ’production’. Nobody’s physical output (production) is ‘needed’ - therefore no pride, no vanity!
Production, which covers a large area, comes from life experience - ‘personality’! Presence, comes from outside of life - from Essence, The Source, God.

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When you praise something - you're saying it's true, it's better, it's 'beyond' the usual. And what would be an effective way of praising something 'better'? You would listen, pay attention, heed the example or indications, no? I think 'Praise of God', here, is more like that.

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It's very rare for a person to get a sense of satisfaction from that which is wider than their own little life - larger than their own immediate sense of comfort and safety. There is a something within that has immense strength to it and an unquestionable permanent reality. To taste that, one would have had to experience the actual vibration of it. That 'Place of Certainty', inside one, that doesn'tdepend on anything outside. All one's usual thoughts, emotions or sensation are outside of IT. You have sensations, ideas, emotions, appetites, aversions - but they're all 'outside' the Essential You. Within Real 'I', you have everything you need. You've got 'God'. Thereis Love in its real sense.

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Pictures are, at best, fragments of the All and Everything and, alone, are essentially illusion. That's the lower level within which we habitually live. So, what to do? To start with, to be as truthful and observant and HUMBLE as possible - a whole lot of 'simple and sincere'. That's the only place where a Teaching and Knowledge can start to take effect.

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People act 'logically' according to their own picture. Each one thinks they are right. When someone 'wrongs' you, that means their 'right' is your 'wrong', somehow, no? It's your picture against theirs. Actually what this says is, 'don't set yourself against someone else's picture'. You hardly know your own picture, it's changing all the time. Life is not a still snapshot - it's a multi-media, 'guess what' show.

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