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Badly, you need each other’s support. Because you’re not really living up to your best understanding half an hour a day. It’s very legitimate, the ’mutuality’.

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You be ready to share your TOTALITY. And if you choose to make someone more important because you call them ’blood family’, and turn the others into second class citizens, you’ve just fucked yourselves. That’s your own little ego package, which never did ANYBODY any good.

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If you want/expect anything from someone, now or in the future, you are FORCED (and limited) to think, conceive, cerebrate, within the extent, limits, perspectives, form, size, and content, as if, of their MIND.

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So, the 'market place' that we all live in. The unthought of, the non-neccesity to think, 'monetary considerations', that justify human relationships. ADVANTAGE is the key word. Coming out 'on top', getting 'the better' of a situation or person. Your 'friend' confirms your advantage, position. For the most part all this is taken for granted as the only game in town. 'Virtue' is a joke word, sentimental, weak. Advantage/Advantage/Advantage/Advantage!

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In any circumstances, if you really know better than another person, at that moment you're the adult and they are the child. And you relate with care to a child, even when you know you're 'right'. You wait for the proper opportunity, you don't just go around wagging your finger, yelling 'naughty, naughty'. Your hope is that they may understand something. You might have to wait years for that.

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People are far from clear as to what is good for themselves in the long run. So, how can they determine the effect of their 'good' in regard to others?
They are basically banking on some kind of credit. Good luck!

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The truth of the matter is that every human being on this planet is your brother and sister, child of the One Creative Force called God. And the DIVISIONS are petty, blind, sleeping illusion. If you cannot break through that with each other, then put the ’flag’ down. Can you see that in each other – each one carrying the flag of the Work? Sometimes even putting words to it? It IS deeply important, deeply valued by you, a LIFELINE it sometimes seems. Do you see that? Do you see it in other people? Can you relate to it? Are you going to continue to live in a ’me and mine’ package, with everybody else being turned into a second class citizen? Do you want to make each other second class citizens? If you want to, then put the flag down.

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... if one were to take the time and look in DEPTH at a wide variety of relationships, both those past and present, they would become aware of the incredible amount of ENERGY being expended, and the most PECULIAR FOCUS demanded, in their relationships with all people as to the ’NECESSITY’ OF KEEPING THEM ’HAPPY’. And, the WHY behind it all! 

People, it seems, have their HOPES (and fears) IN OTHER PEOPLE. Not in anything HIGHER (ie: Truth, God, their own INTEGRITY).

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Each man in fact lives and functions in his 'own world' with EVERYONE ELSE appearing, without doubt, STRANGE, with the exception of recognized common WEAKNESSES. People PLAY on those weaknesses and call it RELATIONSHIP. That is the most usual state of affairs in the world.

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The facts of Man's madness become so clear that sanity lights up as clear as a bright star on top of a blinking Christmas tree. No mistaking one from the other.

What for, all of this? The reality of consciousness, packaged in an eternal soul. That's what for! To be freed from the temporal/imaginary. For the freed energy to infuse the lines of connection between the soul and all other soul realities. Planet soul, vegetable soul, animal soul, human soul, cosmic soul. The living whole! A 'death' in this life, a birth in the 'world to come'. Alive at last!

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