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‘They’ say that a man with a Work aim
must learn to like what he dislikes
and dislike what he likes.

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You’ve got two main choices. If you have ambition in the world - then go to it! The alternative is work on your ’inner life’. You can work on the WORLD, or you can work IN. They’re not totally exclusive. In a way they are like two legs. You use both of them. You are living in those two worlds. But the big issue is - where do you put the emphasis. You must establish what your AIM is - what is it that you want, what do you believe is possible!

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When someone is suing you, they think you owe them. Is this what the Work calls 'accounts'? Someone gives something and immediately it gets marked down in their mental account book. Who hasn't noticed that? Our so-called 'good' is for the most part a way of gaining credit. I put out some energy for 'your benefit', and expect you to pay back, at some time. It's business as usual.
When give, give! When take, take!'

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