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Let it be Known and Acknowledged (for better or for worse), that you are in a ‘school’. Your personal preferences, likes and dislikes, and your personal ’holy’ standards, are of no account here. The principles are clearly laid out in all the relevant literature that you have been reading. They are not easily understood or applied. If you do not feel the potential for a personal benefit, you must stop fooling yourself and leave! Without appreciation for an opportunity, however difficult, you will never move from where you are. Complaint and expressed negativity are poison to your soul and surroundings and will not be tolerated.

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taken from: End of Days

The gap between people and their rightful place in the Whole Universe/God is maintained by distortions caused by lies. How to uncover the essential truths, and thus regain a connection with one’s rightful place, is without a doubt the magnificent challenge for the serious and intelligent person. Schools exist dedicated to this ultimate aim.

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This is the TRUTH, recognized or not, acknowledged or otherwise. The UNITY is the FACT, like it or not.
RESPONSIBILITY is not limited to the PHYSICAL LEVEL as is assumed by 'sense-based-man'. Emotional, Psychic, Spiritual and Divine attributes are DEFINITELY WITHIN THE REALM OF PEOPLES' RESPONSE-ABILITY.

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In the way the word is generally used it sounds almost 'miserable' – like something someone 'lays on you'. "You've GOT to be responsible!", they say. But if you break the word down, as we do, to 'response-ability', then it clearly becomes an issue of your own unique 'response' to your own personal 'ability'

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Is it possible to encourage and take advantage of others' response-ability, separate from our own?
How to respond with our ability – wherever and with whatever is available. First of all, we make the effort to REMEMBER our SELF. We know that nothing real can be gained unless we're awake and fully PRESENT.

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What are we actually doing here? If the call is true there might be a true response. Then both the call and the response are connected with something Higher! Truth becomes the ‘neutralizing force’, the intention, the context. Then, in some way, we’re open to the whole truth of the universe. It doesn’t mean we can eat it all in one swallow. It becomes a dynamic. It’s not getting or not getting - that’s not the issue. Truth is the issue!
This is a rough kind of explanation of what can take place. Without the call nothing, without the response nothing. And without the truth - nothing of any value!

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taken from: Wasting God's Time

Religions speak in the vernacular of a language that was current at the time and place of its revelation – but the cultural, semantic implications of words change in time. A notable consequence of this reality is that ‘religious language’ tends to induce an alternate mental framework. We can’t really think effectively about God or Meaning with our current idiomatic use of language, from the usual ‘social head’ that each one habitually reasons with. That mind is so constructed that it can deal with every issue in the world, other than:
That is what religions are concerned with! But they speak in terms that, perchance, could have been understood at the time they were recorded. They still do have the power to affect us emotionally and to place us, sometimes, or at least some people, within a statewhere these ultimate questions make sense, at least as questions. Those emotions are so unlike our usual sense of life that they tend to be accepted, if at all, as THE religious experience – and as if the maximum of what could be known or experienced in that area.

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taken from: Perverse Criticism

Anyone know what prejudice is? We have to decide whether religion is good or bad? I mean, how do you do that? The truth of the matter is that ’religion’ is the only real issue. How it gets ’twisted’ is something else again.
Religion is meant to raise you to a level of balance and connection with ’God’. That is, some Ultimate Right that has a ’rational’ that we can’t understand with our narrow minds of subjective ’good and bad’.
In the Work it’s very ’simple’! ’God’ being ’the next level up’ - within you - where you are in a state of awareness and non-identification, a state of Love. There you don’t get negative if someone doesn’t make a ’joint’ for you, because they should, becauseyou did it yesterday, and if that’s not right you don’t know what right is! And it’s true - you don’t know! ’Mechanical good’ - anybody ever hear of that?

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taken from: How to Get Out

How do others like to relate to your past? Get it? You have a past, a history, in the eyes of others; their feel, knowledge of you, their likes and dislikes of you come together from a variety of sources, personal and through 'hearsay' and all filtered through their individual minds.
How do others relate to your past? It's really their past rather than yours. 
Your experiences of your past, THEY have not experienced! What they experience is their experience OF you in their past.
How do people relate to your past?
Well, you said you would do something and you did it - Good, your past shows that you are reliable! 
You started a job and finished it - Good, your past shows that you are productive! 
You helped your old grandmother - Good, your past shows you're a nice guy!
HOW do others relate to your past? WHY do others relate to your past? BECAUSE they want to know YOUR future! 
WHY do others want to know YOUR future? Oh, god, can we really face it ?
They relate to your past because they want to predict your future and evaluate whether or not they can 'count on you', rely on you, 
get assistance from you, WHEN THEY NEED HELP!
That's why they're so interested in what you are doing or have done, why they relate to what is now your PAST. They are all scared shitless and are constantly trying to 'pad' the future and maybe you could be a cushion.
And what are they scared shitless about - well asshole, it's because they know that they are in the process of disintegrating and are going to DIE - and that fact they will NOT FACE, and as a result spend their lives in an unconscious but bottom line HYSTERIA! 

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taken from: How to Get Out

Giving and taking are as two ends of the same stick, the stick itself being hollow allowing for the passage of good-s. In addition to the giving and taking that might occur between two people, for the transfer/trans-action to be possible the channel must be open and clear and that requires a certain skill on the part of both the giver and the taker. One must be able to take as well as be able to give. There is Ability involved, the channel must be opened. It can be assumed that what you are given is something that you cannot (at least at that moment) acquire by yourself. What you cannot acquire, you do not have, what you do not have you are not experiencing, what you are not experiencing will strike you as strange, as a shock, a shock is destabilizing and leaves one vulnerable, being vulnerable can be dangerous, danger is frightful. In order to take, there must be trust. Trust is the essential opening in the channel between the give and the take.

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