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the issue is the PAIN - the confusion, the wondering, the sleep, that whole business. And the only way someone is going to come to real terms with it, is to go through it. Not to avoid it with their 'cleverness'. But few allow themselve(s) to experience it, they try to circumvent it.

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Allow yourself to feel the pain, allow the tension, the pressure - get into it more. Then at least you'll know what it is that you must pass through. That's an essential step.

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taken from: End of Days

PAIN results from the inevitably corrupted (out-of-sync), habitual, mechanical level of an individual. 
Give that miserable vibration to the body. It can digest and convert that negative energy into its next octave - energy for Sustainable Self-Remembering. 
Only with that finer, transformed energy, can Higher Mind (outer or inner) connect and give further indications.

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taken from: Suicide & After words

Every name of a person is a label for a package of pain. Because, mainly in pain are we so busy thinking. That could be a long discourse, that I won’t go into right now. But the less you protect your name, the less you are busy developing and ingratiating it - making it important either through pride or guilt. Dealing in life from your ‘name’, so to speak.
Your name has ‘self-interests’. It is, as if, ‘yourself’! You’re ‘identified’ with it.

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taken from: Reason to Live

Keeps the world going, it’s what’s called the devil - actually it’s totally mechanical, it’s compulsive. It comes from running away from the confusion and pain. You can’t drop a soul into this complex, ’humanly’ developed world, without it being confusing and painful. It’s like dropping us off in a Martian atmosphere where we don’t know what’s going on. The fact is that we don’t know. Everything is new, everything is painful. So all this activity is just to get away and maybe get enough energy to figure it out, and maybe come back and ’organize’ it. Everything false was already here before you. False sense of identity, false sense of ownership, false sense of importance. If you could only go through the pain, somehow, you might get to the bottom of it! The mind has to calm down, you have to be able to feel the pain in order to go through it.

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Pain is energy! It’s a distorted energy, it is twisted energy but nevertheless it is energy. That’s the immense wisdom in the ’non-expression of negative emotions’. Because, if you don’t express your negativity - and that doesn’t mean just in words - then you’ve still got that energy. Energy is heat, and heat is light. Light enough for a person to view their own mechanical self-serving excuse/justification. ”I don’t feel good because I got something I shouldn’t have or I don’t have something I should have!” That’s what justification is - it’s ’because’. If you have a growing understanding of life, you begin to see that the ’becauses’ are imaginary!
How does energy get twisted? It’s hard not to get a little technical here. Energy gets twisted because energy comes to us as ’impressions’. Impressions are energy. We are not conscious as an impression hits, so the impression is absorbed mechanically in one or another center. All impressions have a full range, like a rainbow. But if only one or another ’colour’ of an impression gets picked-up by, say, the emotional center, without awareness - that would be, by definition, ’twisted energy’.

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Here we go again - the pain, right? You see, the ’meditative place’ is behind the pain and the words! It’s not in thoughts of ’what I’m going to do next’ - which is trying to jump above the pain. To get into some activity, trying to jump above the pain, is the same as taking a shot of liquor or shot of heroin. We’ve got to drop through it - below it!
...............You got to go through that pain - it’s a residue, it’s a memory!
..................Go to the pain - don’t go to the explanation! There is no such thing as a clear explanation for pain - it’s a combination of all kinds of things. Whether it’s emotional pain, or mental pain, or physical pain - you must go to the vibration. And the place to start is in your body. It’s the ‘collector’. It collected all the twisted vibrations and it’s also the mechanism that can transform it! All those twisted vibrations, all those things we call pain, are intense energies which are incredibly needed - for what is called ’transformation’. If you give it the ‘light of attention’, it straightens, it turns into something else. But not necessarily when you want it to - at it’s limit!
Thinking about it doesn’t help. If you go through the pain, then you sit in a place of peace - there you can think! There you think - the mind doesn’t run you. That’s the place where the mind becomes the servant, rather than the master. The mind that tells you you’ve got to ’stick with something’ - that that’s responsibility - that’s the mind that is acting as ’master’. It’s the devil!
You see, this is why you feel the pain most when you’re with me. There’s enough trust on your part, and enough directness on mine, so that when your head starts doing things that are not clear, I can step in immediately - because I see you’re really running from the pain. So that leaves you with the pain. But you must stop resenting it - the pain, that is.
There’s a lot of pain - because you’ve done a lot of things! The more effort a person makes in this twisted world, the more pain they’re going to pick up. So the pain is not a sign of failure.

The energies that get ‘exaggerated’, whether it’s pain or pleasure - are an indication of imbalance. We didn’t give sufficient attention to other areas, feelings in other parts of our body. We only give attention when something screams!

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taken from: Do-ing

Shame and guilt, are so close - they should be looked at! What exactly is it that gives one those kind of feelings? Nobody likes to feel shame, nobody likes to feel guilt - but we have to be more objective as to what exactly they are. If you just push it aside, it’s still there - you’re leaking energy and you’re hiding. If you look at it, you may say: “I don’t know exactly what it is - but I know it’s there!” Or, you might say: “Oh, I know why the shame is: I’m using ’God’s given energy’ to do something, and I have no idea whether or not it will even prove useful!”

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taken from: Priorities

What do you know for sure?
’I don’t know nothing... but god forbid... I would never admit... to that!
You see the kind of mechanical tricks the mind plays on itself in its dreamy state? All those contradictions! A person knows that they don’t know, and two seconds later they’re arguing some point, huh?
The Work talks about a person reaching the place of ORGANIC SHAME!

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OBSERVING 'I' sees the MULTIPLICITY of small 'I's, sees enough and realizes that THAT which is doing all the seeing - is REAL 'I'. When I see THAT, I AM.
'Observing I' sees the multiplicity of small 'I's, it recognizes itself as 'something other ' - something UTTERLY DIFFERENT.

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