'HOW BLEST ARE THOSE WHO KNOW THEIR NEED OF GOD; THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS THEIRS.' Blest are those 'I's thatremember their 'need of God' - the need of their own higher and real presence - the presence of 'God within'. 
If, when identified in a small 'I', one can remember their need of God, the deeper Presence within, the Wholeness - then 'THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS THEIRS'.

Do you know where God is? God is in 'Heaven' - that next level up within you - that perfect, peaceful, loving place.

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People assume that they all live in the same world, and they absolutely do not. Only at the Transcendent Level is there a common perception of existence, and the possibility of mutual understanding. 
Transcendence, through understanding, must be worked for.

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