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Fear can always be 'justified', but none the less its VIBRATIONAL TONE and atmosphere remain a COSMIC LIMITATION, from whence NO GOOD CAN COME. It is a Negative starting point where 'intelligence' cannot but function at the level of IGNORANCE.

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People are WELL CONDITIONED and kept in place by a mass of supporting 'logic' of all kinds.
Shall we take a look at the 'coupling phenomena'? The Boy/Girl thing? No accident that the Family is considered the 'corner stone of society'. Society, that is rushing head long into total disaster and is already SICK from top to bottom, PRIZES THE FAMILY. Now, YOU JUST LOOK AT THAT.
Members of the family within society, SQUEEZE THE EMOTIONAL BLOOD OUT OF EACH OTHER. They give NO comfort, EVEN IN SICKNESS. They block anything new as a threat to the status-quo.
The fear of BEING ALONE is overwhelming/intolerable. 'Better the Devil you know than the Devil you don't know' is LIVED BY, even without hearing the expression. FEAR is the undercurrent of it all, and there is no energy left even to consider questioning it.

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Acquiring and holding are the dominant motivations and manifestations at people's 'normal' level of functioning. The inevitable result of a fear based mentality.

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It is true we’re all living in a lot of fear. It’s fear of the unknown! That has already just about reached its limits! If you don’t make a conscious effort to attain a degree of ’separation’, from all that’s going on, inside and out, then you can only keep spinning in the habit of fear!

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I keep talking about death, it’s my favorite subject. There’s nothing more important in the bloody world. Until you live with death, you don’t know what life is. What does it mean: ’live with death’? You must have a mature relationship to that reality! It’s one of the only two certainties that a person has - and ignores it! There are two things we know for sure: one, we were born, and two, we are going to die - the body anyways. There is not another bloody thought in your head that you can’t attach a question-mark to! Until these two facts are a ’living reality’, whatever is in-between birth and death has no real context - everything is subject to attack by the ’universe of devilish imagination’.
So, there, the secret is out: why all this recurring talk on death. It’s amazing the reaction that the average person has to the subject. It’s considered morbid. ’Morbid’ and ’death’, in linguistics, somehow get related. Morbid is terrible, it’s like black - the most horrible thing! That’s the biggest mistake a man makes. Death is the best thing that happens to us - if we’re ready. Because it’s really a birth! People should get excited with the thought of death - to be prepared for it!
But the least a person could do is to take the bullshit fear out of it! Death is inevitable. Stupid to be fearful and turn it into a horror, and fog-up your whole psyche.
The implications of the Death issue are so wide, but I’m not speaking of it for that reason alone. I’m inclined to rub that ’dirty word’ into peoples’ faces, until they get used to the smell. It doesn’t smell like anything else on earth - but you can live with it. It’s really not like a bad smell, it’s just that it’s so different!

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FEARFUL (selfish/negative) THOUGHTS can never ever connect with 'higher parts of centers'. The small circles that they revolve in can only become ever more restricted. SERVICE, compassionate and sincere, however limited in scope or perception, alone has the possibility of opening up connections with higher parts of centers, and eventually HIGHER CENTERS themselves. A cumulative process.

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