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How can there be love without problems! Can there be love without agony?
The agony builds up to other things like disappointment and irritation and bitterness - all that kind of stuff. And it all started with love! We’ve got to put a stop to that. That’s why I talk about it. There are mistakes being made. How can something that’s so beautiful, turn into something that’s ugly? Nobody has the feeling it should be that way, or that it’s got to be that way!
See how quickly one forgets? Love is so real - do you understand? It starts when the mind, with clear eyes, and the heart and body are in a state of joy! The balance of those three, is magic. It’s very unusual to be able to have the mind and heart and body feeling good at the same time. But does that have to be dependent on anybody else?
You see, there’s the tricky part. Because when you get ’attached’ to one particular person, then there comes in this business of fear. Because: ’they could go away!’ That brings up a real question: can there be love without fear? That already requires some mature development.
Our love should not be dependent on any one person.

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Maturity, in this area of love is very dependent on maturity in other areas. It’s not only the issue of love that changes as teenagers - all your thought processes, all kinds of things, everything changes. From the bones in your body to thinking how you are going to be independent, how you can support yourself, how you can, you know, get to do what you want!
Everything is changing, so you can’t really separate one issue, from life in general. But love is very powerful and comes along with other things that are confusing - so it takes time to understand! We tend to exaggerate and run towards this one ‘thing’. We don’t have to run... we just go with it... it’s such a pull! And even if it’s got problems in it - it has such a special taste!

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The more compassionately, the more openly, the less judgmental, the more helpfully you relate to other people - the more you see! And at the depth of that seeing, you recognize the ’seer’. You begin to see that the ’seen’ and the ’seer’ are the same thing. And that’s what we call Love. That’s connection! God is Love - the Whole Thing, at its core, is Love. You want to be part of Love? Then you have to be ’connected’!

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There is an essential difference between fear (as thought) and actual immediate danger. Danger is now - and we react with whatever astuteness and presence of mind at our immediate disposal. Fear, on the other hand, is a perception of possible danger in the future and thus in TIME. We are generally 'worried sick' about the future and thus constantly occupied with thought in time.

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