london streets are heavy
feet get stuck like glue
seen some angels dancing
here and there a jew

blacks and asians can be free
especially it seems
in hyde park on a sunday
convulsing in their dreams
the empire it had risen
the empire it did fall
the arabs bought the real estate
the irish have a ball
workers are redundant
robots do what hitler tried
exploring racial purity
as telly sells black brides
in camden town on sundays
seems sundays are quite free
you can stroll among the markets
with a beard and dungarees
the army it gets ready
to fight in germany
against the russians this time
or against redundancies
they took some lessons after all
from hitler as he left
they've built some camps to neutralize
the foreigners and tramps
police now move in forceful groups
impressing you and me
this ain't no time in london town
for violence you can see
it's still a trip to be
an englishman by god
they've got a way with language
some with money, some a lot