you want their help
they want your help
to help the others too
help help they say
you got to prove
we can always count on you

it's such a bloody fearful place
where they plunked us for our life
without our fearful little group
it wouldn't be so nice
might grow old and bitter
all alone never having
another soul within his skin
where his essence had been sown
but do you think it's really right
when from strangers you do seek
some simple understanding
of where you're strong and where you're weak
to turn the tables quickly
and let them know you see
that your family tribe or country
is your best security
against the outer violence
survival is your aim
and though you wish them all the best
your trust is quite constrained
so there you are still holding hands
in that group you tightly squeeze
the last drop of their bloody blood
their stagnant energies
incest works its narrow path
weakening in time
the vital and the healthy
without an open vine
to trap the light
to bear the fruit
with all that is sublime
accept what's needed from the whole
not labeled yours or mine
so take another step my friend
and find the one group true
that everlasting unity
within the me and you
we have the one, two, three, four, five
the good the better, best
but what connects the differences
is what constitutes our test
to know that separation
is a fallacy of mind
and if we get down deeper
we can stop from going blind