let it be known
once and for all
your right and your wrong
only lead to a fall
like adam and eve
with the apple and all
the more that you think
the colder you stall

oh my sisters
my mothers
my lovers
you all
the female sex
what a burden
did fall
what a burden of love
what a burden of care
you could carry it all
but you just wouldn't dare
if you just got together
there's far more than enough
then the jealousy syndrome
would go up in a puff
of smoke that did rise
from your glowing abode
the house of your father
or so we've been told
don't let the children
no matter their age
restrict your dear love
and build you a cage
that they tell you is real
that they tell you is true
when all that it comes from
is a fear about you
that your love is so pure
that your love is so right
when you open to others
it gives them a fright
they'd like to restrict you
with all their dear might
as love seeks to help
it may appear patronizing
as love seeks to share
it may appear possessive
as love seeks to free
it may appear heartless
as love seeks to be
it may appear ruthless
so dear ladies
strength to be
yourself, through youth, maturity
the world of imitation hides
the little girls and boys inside
who need your love
who need your care
against all odds
they need you there