the world is round
the world is large
it spins among
the moon and stars

the sun it seems
to rise and fall
the source of life
that great red ball
is at the center
of it all
as we circle
winter spring summer fall
our world called earth
with all its wonders
mountains trees
rivers thunder
many animals running free
tall as trees or
small as peas
clouds that spread
rain water down
cool our faces
wet the ground
and where there's soil
black and rich
with worms and shit
and dead leaves which
feed the seeds that
nature spreads
that give us things
like wheat and bread
or trees that reach
for sunshine bright
and give us fruit
so that we might
taste again the glory of
our good lord's work
our good lord's love
so dear children
rest your heads
in mother's arms
or on a bed
so in the morning
you can see
the miracle
that is to be
when you rise
tomorrow fresh
and see the country
at its best