sex is at the bottom
sex is at the top
sex is just a dirty word
it's energy that's sharp

it's our biggest worry
it's our biggest hope
if it makes it
past the dreams
it's greater than the pope
that which causes jealousy
that which causes greed
taken as an outer thing
taken as a need
you can do your pleasure
if it's mutual
ain't no shame in that my friend
it's in fact neutral
if you avoid the violence
if you avoid success
when it's not compulsive
can really be the best
but can you stop the daydreams
can you stop the quest
and let it seep
within your bones
and seep within your breast
need not deny a single thing
take it when it's right
but on the other hand my friend
forgive me if i might
suggest to you alternatives
to frustration guilt and fright
when its not (de da de da)
just aware with inner sight