you always knew what's wrong
but never knew what's right
you took yourself for granted
always ready for a fight

never thought that anyone
could tell you something new
maybe something incidental
never nothing true
so there you are with all your years
turned and twisted though you be
contented in your self-conceit
thinking only you can see
if everyone could only be
a little more like you
you're sure the world
would work so good
you wouldn't feel so blue
so what, you say,
from what i've seen
it's natural and true
to have a problem
with your spouse children parents too
with sex and health and ageing
with money neighbors jews
with blacks or reds or klu klux klan
need not have no excuse
it seems that god has played with us
we're told that he is one
if he's inside out and all around
where are we by golly by gum.
but how our minds do separate
what's called evil from the good
forgetting where we criticize
only yesterday we stood.
awake awake you children
need not suffer so you know
if no inner peace is flowering
find fresh seed, go back and sow