hit him again you son of a bitch
we all know you're stupid
we all know you're rich

you play with their fears
as you pee in your pants
you're frightened of everything
from elephants to ants
you don't know what's inside
what's outside what's up
you know what is down
but that's really too much
to hold it together
for longer than dust
you're not even sure
of your mother to trust
so out with the guns
and out with the fists
and out with your lies
that are clear as a mist
that's been building so long
that nobody saw
it's reaching the neck
it's reaching the jaw
so, high in the mountains
if you can learn to survive
so the mountain can kill you
without the right vibe
so you'd better be straight
and you'd better be true
or the mountain will get you
before you are through