you want to tie the ribbon
join two and make a one
relax with a protector
and have for once some fun

you'd like to tie the ribbon
and once for all feel safe
you'd like to tie the ribbon
feel you've won the race
and then we find
that you've arrived
in heaven with some peace
until one day you hear him
hey honey, how about my niece
from my sister's former husband
on my father's side you see
had this lovely little girl
in the state of mystery
and what about aunt sadie
who'd like to come and see
if you give her nephew
love with some consistency
then of course there's mom and dad
whose insurance might come
due just in time most likely
when the baby needs new shoes
and your brother if he really cared
would come and visit more
if he wasn't chasing petticoats
'cause his wife weren't right no more
oh yes, just between the door and me
how come i always note
how you smile so bravely
when your old friends come to smoke
it says by god you've made it
no stranger you will be
to life and its vicissitudes
the swimmer and the sea