people sing a song about her
like she's really there
tease the nipples of her breast
fingers through the hair

she pays her bills
repairs the roof
as if she really cares
writes the story of her life
strips flesh from bones
and leaves them bare
nancy nancy there you are
ethereal in despair
turn the color of the sun
freckled skin and hair
float above pretentiousness
touch it where you dare
almost all is in the grave
but this here body
it ain't there
out in compassion
out in delight
out in the sun that is ever so bright
out with the fears of the bugs and the mice
out with the dreams
and out with the ice
have sacrificed all
on the alter of hope
the buzzards have eaten
turned into a joke
and what is there left
when you sift through the sand
a couple of habits
a delicate hand
too weak to be raised
in defence anymore
too wise to pretend
that it's still keeping score
bones that might crumble
bones that might break
bones that grow hollow
bones for god's sake
it doesn't matter where you are
or who you seem to be
it doesn't matter what you do
or who there is to see
the pieces of the dream world
are that multiplicity
the color and the shadows
the mountains and the sea
the good and bad
the right and wrong
that pass for sanity
the bones that turn
to powdered dust
dissolve into the sea
so, love the moment
love the pain
love catastrophe
love garbage and the flowers
the fertilizer, see
and go on dreaming if you can
pretending you and me
are really something different
and not a unity