bing bong
crash bang
attention please
hey what's the time

what can i do for you this sec
'a wash a shirt 'a little peck
upon your lips so very sweet
although i see you do not speak
what the hell is going on
you keep this up and i'll be gone
out of my mind or from this place
in any case another race
where i might win or i might lose
but jesus christ i'd like to choose
when i'm in a game or not
with you i'll end up smoking pot
or at the bottle or at my groin
a tv set a shopping line
what the hell's 'a matter with you
you won't talk and you won't screw
how did i reach this silly place
without your word or an embrace
the world it seems to come to naught
i don't exist i go to pot
can it be i've never seen
another person another being
unrelated to my need
leading to this empty greed