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No matter how you twist and turn it, it brings us back to the Work. When you attempt to 'do the Work' even somewhat awkwardly, at least you're not in your usual mechanics. Work requires a conscious effort. And, in order to make that kind of effort you must be, to some degree, awake. When you're only in the mechanics it's all just happening and nothing clear can be gained. YOU were not there to gain, and retain, in Understanding. 

To do something that has meaning to you, to experiment intelligently, to ponder, to try something that you think would be useful in real terms requires conscious-effort. For that, you have to be present.

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If you’re ’working’, what are you actually doing, why are you doing it, and what do you expect the result to be?
Knowledge? Okay, ’knowledge’. Then what’s this knowledge good for? Knowledge for what? Oh, you can say ’self knowledge’. Okay, self knowledge…you can juggle with a vocabulary very easily. What is the AIM, what is the purpose of the Work? What is the Work, other than your relationship to it? Did anyone ever think of that? The Work has its own aims. What would you say the aim of the Work is?
The issue of the Work is to allow the ’seed’, that YOU are, to grow, into a Survivable Being.
”Working for life and working for death is the same thing.”

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The Work can help nudge us up to another level, loosening the grip of mechanical devils inside or outside. To BE, free to ponder and think through an issue, free from all fear and pressure, free to remember, free to look.
So, from the poetic we move back to the more practical. The Work allows us to establish a specific BASE, before we attempt to consider the outside world. If we don't have that base in BEING, nothing else can be done, other than react.

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