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BONUS MORAL: 'Shit' is the undigested parts of food. Our experiences are psychological food. What we don't understand, which is most everything, is undigested food. Don't spread your shit around in the cloakroom - it stinks!

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Anything that is not in the category of ’external considering’ - is shadow boxing! In Eastern literature this world is often referred to as the ’world of shadows’. All that you generally see and react to in another person is their surface expression. You don’t see their ’inner life’ or motivations. You are really dealing with your own picture, not their reality. You’d better believe it! Generally you’re doing a lot of shadow boxing - dealing with ’shadows’ most of the time.

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taken from: Reason to Live

How long is anyone in a state of satisfaction? That’s one thing that is so interesting about sex, at least on the male side. Orgasm is the biggest want. You need a big want for a big pain. A big ’out’! It’s a change, more than anything else, out of the usual displeasures. Usually that exhausts a person. Some it can exhaust for a month, others it exhausts for only ten minutes before they’re ready to try that trick again. Normally speaking at least a half an hour of not wanting! They become aware of the Grace of Now. Their body got a good juicing up. So the body is relaxed, the emotions are relaxed too because there are no wants, and mind is also quiet. One becomes conscious of energy. A little bit depleted, but the room takes on a soft quietness, ah, they see the sun coming in through the window. They are sensitive to themselves, to their surroundings. No ’want’ - beautiful! Such an immense subject but it’s just a branch of this conversation so we won’t get into it too much. But maybe we just, in a way, touched the essence of the matter.
Someone might say: ”What’s all this sex thing about?” Well, it has more to do with displeasure than it has to do with love, generally speaking. But then again, you can ’love’ anything. You can love ice-cream if it gets rid of your displeasure for a few minutes. You’d love anything that gives you a little relief. ”I’d love an aspirin!” Without an understanding of energy, doesn’t matter what energy, life is nothing but a see-saw of pleasure and displeasure. When you begin to understand that your little pleasures don’t answer the question of your displeasure, they begin to fade out. Not much hope is left in the imagination. For instance, a junkie taking heroin. It ’helps’ him but after a while he becomes aware that it’s not working anymore. Then the displeasure really screams. He gets really depressed and tries to kill himself. As we get older we begin to see that all those wonderful things that the world offers, that are meant to make us ’feel good’ - don’t work very well, or for very long.

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taken from: End of Days

The obsessive concentration on the issue of sex is completely unnecessary. The urge is really not so demonic in a balanced person. Lack of balance is the problem, not sex.

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taken from: End of Days

There is a saying within Higher Knowledge: "Never go with the associations of only one center." To understand this and have the ability to control compulsive reactions when faced with a 'sexual challenge' is not a simple matter. The possible options of reaction are ill-considered with disastrous results throughout society. People are totally confused and unhealthy as a result of their ignorance and 'morality' around the sex issue.

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Serious people don’t worry about the million things that ’could’ happen to them, their property or their family. What a dream that turns into, what a nightmare.

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The sorrowful - not the angry, not the disappointed, not the critical small 'I's. Sorrowful, in the face of the sad truth of the lower level, and at the same time not imagining things could be other than they are at that level. Seeing it as it is.
Consolation - an understanding will come that will more than 'payback' for the seeing and the resulting 'sorrowfulness'.They'll find understanding, they'll find consolation, they'll come alive. 
What is 'consolation', generally speaking? You get something back that makes some effort all worthwhile. What can make anythingworthwhile other than Understanding? What else has any value? An orgasm, maybe? How blessed are the sorrowful, they shall have orgasms. No, it says consolation. The biggest 'consolation' people seem to want is in that 'O' word. But I tell you, there are much better things in store for us, under the heading of Understanding, that comes from seeing.

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To 'commit adultery', in the usual terms, is when you are married and have sex outside the marriage. It has a deeper psychological/esoteric meaning.
The Perfect Marriage, 'until death do us part', is when one's male element (Consciousness) enters one's female element (Body/Emotion).There you have the 'marriage made in heaven'.
So, what is adultery at that level? Aren't people poking at each other all the time? A clever remark, a joke, a challenge, a trick, an induced awkwardness. Don't people like to 'stick it to you', so to speak, using their 'cleverness' to penetrate? Their own consciousness/attention seldom penetrates their own flesh. They use it to agitate, to 'fuck around' with other people. You have your own 'woman' to make love to... it's not someone over there. That penetration/connection is meant to bring on a second birth - a Second Body. That Second Body is the birth of the 'Christ child' within you, and results from the only marriage that really counts.

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The 'issue' is the birth of the 'Christ' within. The active/intelect/male as 'Father', the receptive/body/female as 'Mother'. Then, what we are looking for, is the CHILD - the birth of the Higher within you - Second Body!

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The ‘notion’ of teacher is also a 
conceptual construct and consequently 
an unacceptable frame of reference, limited 
and fixed by some sort of explanation, which 
axiomatically ‘can never go through the door’. 

School yes, ‘teacher’ no.

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